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Welcome to The FOray Project


FOray is an open-source XSL-FO publishing system that is suitable for converting XML content into PDF and other document formats. Although not yet fully conformant with the XSL-FO standard, it is very useful for many applications.

FOray is written in Java 2 Standard Edition Version 5.0, and can be used in both standalone and embedded applications. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, which means that it can be freely used and modified for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Documentation Organization

The documentation is divided into three major categories, each addressing the specific needs of a group of FOray’s constituents:

  • FOray Users: This includes those who are using FOray as a standalone application, and need to know how to make it work, what features it supports, and how to get help. The FOray Users section of the documentation is organized as a checklist, and you can start on that checklist at the Getting Started page.
  • Module Users: This includes those who wish to embed FOray into another application, or wish to use one or more of its components to build their own application. Module documentation includes information on the various APIs and module dependencies.
  • Developers: This includes FOray developers, those interested in FOray development, those who wish to extend FOray for other purposes, and those who are simply curious about the innards. Start at the Development Home Page.